General Knowlege



Storing Cigars

Firstly cigars have to be kept at certain humidity, if they aren’t then the oils in the cigar will evaporate and that expensive cigar will turn dry and break apart. This means you should always keep them sealed away with a humidity pack until you are ready for them. All our orders are shipped along with humidity packs, which if kept in a sealed container will keep them fresh for a several weeks.

Lighting the Cigar

Remember to use proper jet lighters for your cigars or matches. This is because the gas used in most lighters is cheap and unpleasant, which can ruin the entire experience. It is best to use either matches or the jet-lighter as the high temperature burns away the unpleasant odour.

You will also, depending on the number of cigars you are purchasing, want to consider purchasing a cigar cutter as using a knife or other sharp implement, will not provide a clear cut and risk causing the cigar wrapper to unravel and crack and this outer layer is the most expensive part of the cigar.

Cigar Strength

Unless you are certain that you enjoy a strong nicotine hit stay away from Maduro cigars, these are the darker almost black cigars. They are incredibly strong and may make an inexperienced smoker feel nauseous. This goes for size as well, while monster cigars will look impressive they are normally a bad idea for casual smokers.


It is the general consensus that an alcoholic beverage enhances a cigar experience. As this help clear the palate and dissipates the tar build-up in the mouth allowing a fuller experience of the cigar. Strong brandy, whiskey or wines are normally the best choices.